Nuby and bluum (and snacktime)

Lucy takes snack time very, very seriously.

There are things that she loves (like Tiny Fruits, banana chips, and rice cakes), and things she used to love, but will no longer touch (cashews, apple slices), but lately she won’t eat ANYTHING unless it is in one of her Nuby monster bowls. 

She can’t quite tell me what she loves about them - perhaps it’s the funny faces, the crazy eyes, or the goofy toothed smiles they all seem to have - but whatever the appeal is, it is undeniable. She loves the because they make her laugh - I love them because when she drops them on the floor I don’t have to worry about it because they are made from BPA free plastics. 

Nuby has paired up with bluum to offer the chance to win one of TWO age specific feeding sets to our moms. The first - a set of iMonster goodies, of course! The hilarious snack keeper, the fork and spoon set, and the dish and bowl - these guys will keep meal and snack time fun for your toddler (and easy for you).

But if your little one isn’t quite old enough for manipulating utensils (or being picky about their snacks), Nuby is offering a second feeding set to parents of younger babies. A 3 pack of Nuby Natural Touch bottles (they aim to mimic the natural form of the breast to make bottle feeding a breeze), a bottle warmer and sterilizer, and a pack of Comfort Orthodontic pacifiers!

Click HERE and select the prize package below you would like the chance to win. Good Luck!

Little Duck Organics GIVEAWAY (and a little turtle spotting!)

We were Little Duck fans from the get-go! As soon as Lucy was able to munch confidently, my little lady was LOVING the apple and banana Little Duck snacks. We started every morning (and still do) with a varied breakfast - a little bowl of oatmeal, a bit of yogurt, and some fruit. Once she could handle these freeze dried goodies, they became a staple, too.

Little Duck came everywhere with us! Our go-to snack, we topped yogurt with them, added them into our morning oatmeal, or packed them in my bag as a great-for-you snack that kept her busy and quelled her hunger. Made with non-GMO organic fruit, these tasty, healthy, and convenient fruits are perfect for making sure the kids don’t get hangry!

Luck Duck Organics wants to give YOU the chance to snack healthily and win a case of Tiny Fruits AND a case of Mighty Oats! That’s two incredible snacks that go perfectly together! Our go-to Little Duck indulgence is putting the Tiny Fruits INTO the Mighty Oats! Lucy likes to say that the little black dots in the bananas (the immature seeds) are a turtle’s eyes! (We couldn’t recommend the game more highly). ENTER HERE for a chance to win this great duo of goodies - and let us know if you see any turtles in your oatmeal!

PullyPalz is making life easier.

I was recently visiting a friend who just had a sweet baby boy; between the smell of his teeny head, the gentle smiles he had on his face, and the amazing snuggles I got from him (as opposed to my squirming two year old!), I was totally swept up into the world of a having a baby. 


It was incredible to snuggle such a new little human, but I had forgotten about how people who are so new, and so small, can sometimes need a bit of comforting that we are sometimes unable to give them. Queue the pacifier. 

Lots of families depend on using pacifiers as a way to help comfort a little one who is having a bit of trouble finding their quiet space, but there can be some struggle that comes along with that - namely the frustration of losing the pacifier as it tumbles to the floor of the car, or wedges itself between the baby and the carseat. The creator of PullyPalz has found a great way to counter that issue with their incredible pacifier holder!

This cute little stuffed animal can attach to a stroller, bouncer chairs, or play-gym above baby’s head (the cute animals are so engaging for developing eyes), and to each of its hands you attach a pacifier. Now, the genius of this snuggly friend is that the child’s binky is tethered to the animal (so it won’t get lost), and there is a second one within reach of the child - so as they get older, if they drop one and are unable to retrieve it, they can reach for the second and pull it to their mouth! This presents a cause and effect that helps the child learn that their action results in a reaction, which is so important for developmental exploration.

PullyPalz wants to make sure that everyone has a chance to experience this incredible (lifesaving) product (because as a parent you need all of the extra hands you can get - even if they are the hands of a stuffed animal!) 

Enter HERE for a chance to win one of THREE PullyPalz! They are the perfect solution for your pacifier woes.

Feasting on Nature’s Bakery

Lucy was sick recently. She had a terrible, croupy cough, a fever that spiked up to nearly 105, and had been tired and listless for days. She wasn’t interested in drinking but we were determined to find her something that she would eat, just to give her any bit of nourishment we could muster.


We paced around the kitchen, my sweet, sick two year old in my arms, trying to find a little something for her to eat, and then I spotted them - the Nature’s Bakery raspberry fig bars! 

Just a few days before I had brought home a box (after receiving one in our bluum box and LOVING it). I was anxious to try additional flavors, and to see whether Lucy would find it an acceptable on-the-go snack. Little did I know this magical little whole wheat and fruit snack would come to our rescue only a few short days later. 

Lucy grabbed on to that bar and declared it her solitary food of choice for the next three straight days as she managed to fend off her cough, and her temperature returned to normal. Made from stone ground wheat, natural fruit pastes, and no high fructose corn syrup, I know that it’s a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth with a nutritious slant.

We are so grateful to Nature’s Bakery for helping us get through such a tough few days, we asked them if we could share the love with other bluum moms (but you don’t have to be under the weather to enjoy them!). Enter HERE for the chance to win a a bundle of 4 assorted flavors of their incredibly delicious Fig Bars! Good luck!

Fit and Fresh and making lunch easy!

Let’s be honest, here: packing lunch is hard.

After a long day with your kids, or with your coworkers, the last thing that you really want to do is think about packing lunch (I can’t be the only one, right?).

Making sure that the snacks your packing, and the meal you’re sending your kids (or yourself!) off with is healthy, balanced, and satisfying can be a really tough challenge, especially after spending the evening dealing with playtime, laundry, dinner, bath time and “just one more book!”

There is a way to make it easier, though, and that’s through planning. And no one helps you plan out your meals better than the people at Fit and Fresh.

By creating the world’s most perfect little containers, Fit and Fresh ensures an easy, packable lunch - because they have thought of everything! Built in flatware, teeny containers for salad dressing or hummus, or freezable icepacks built in to the base of a sandwich container. All of these lunchtime innovations mean this: SIMPLE! Amazingly, the size, shape, and style of the containers basically tell you what to put in them - be it sandwiches, salads, leftovers, and cut up fruit. Lunchtime has never been easier, or looked so delicious!

We here at bluum want to spread the good word about Fit and Fresh, and we have paired up with them to offer TWO amazing mealtime kits.

CLICK HERE to enter the chance to win a either a NEW EATER package, containing a food mill, portion cups, reusable snack bags, and more (PLUS a lunch bag for Mom, too) OR enter to win an EXPERIENCED EATER package - with an adorable insulated monkey lunchbox, a Dip-n-Dunk snack container, chilled lunch containers, and more!


Sticky Bellies (+ remembering good times!)

There is nothing more seductive than baby pictures. The wave of nostalgia that overcomes you as your flipping through your iPhone library, or your Facebook albums - and when it’s photos of your child - FORGET IT. You’ll be crying for days, waxing poetic about how much they’ve grown (even if it’s only been a month or two).

That’s the magic of parenthood - you realize that there is beauty in remembering the small things.


One of the hardest things for me to get behind when I was pregnant, was taking photos of my growing belly. Don’t get me wrong, pregnancy really agreed with me, and I felt wonderful, but I was beginning to feel self conscious about my growing belly, and found it difficult to be enthusiastic about memorializing it. My husband encouraged me to take photos as I grew, insisting that I would be so happy to have them later (even though I protested over and over). Guess what? He was right.

When I look back at my pregnancy photos, there is only one change I wish I had made - and that was to allow myself to be more present, and have a bit more fun. That’s where Sticky Bellies comes in. By creating sticker sets to adhere to ever growing bellies, Sticky Bellies can insert a bit of whimsy - making the experience feel a bit more freeing and exciting. The result? Great photos, consistently marking the progress of your growing baby! And do you know what else? They ALSO have stickers for those monthly photos of your little one, once they have been born!

ENTER HERE for a chance to win a credit to the Sticky Bellies web store - from there you can choose sticker sets for your pregnancy, for capturing the monthly growth of your child, or for celebrating their first holidays! So many fun photo-ops - DON’T MISS OUT!

Bundle Organics (or How to Pamper your Sister During Her Pregnancy).


Do you know what is just as incredible as having a daughter? Having a sister.

There is something magical about knowing that you have someone to call, and to call on, when times get a little rocky. And, do you know how that relationship can get a million times more special? When your sister has a child.

My sister Paige is due with her second child, a daughter, this coming May. It has been about 10 years since she gave birth to her son, so I knew that there had been lots of new and exciting developments to introduce her to in the worlds of pregnancy and mommyhood! Once we waded through car seat safety changes, how wonderful muslin blankets were for swaddling, and which baby-carriers she should test run - I introduced her to Bundle Organics. An amazing new organic juice line, Bundle Organics, is a sweet, nutrition packed drink that is so great, and so easy, i (a most-definitely NOT pregnant lady) find it hard to resist.

I had to remind my sister, that while you’re pregnant, you have to remember to do all sorts of responsible things, like eating your fruits and veggies. But between feeling exhausted, working full time, and managing the schedule of her very busy 10 year old, she needed an easy way to pack a nutritious punch into her hectic day. Bundle Organics quickly became an easy way for her work in that extra serving of fruits, veggies and vitamins, along with some additional folic acid (always important for pregnant ladies!), all in a convenient, easily transportable little package.

Bundle Organics has paired up with bluum to make sure that we can spread the goodness way beyond my sister Paige, and share it with all of our pregnant bluum moms-to-be!

ENTER HERE for the chance to win a 6 juice sample pack, delivered straight to your door, from our friends at Bundle Organics.

Good Luck!



Beat the Winter Blues with Strider!

As we are all so keenly aware, Winter has truly began to settle in across the country. This usually means that parents are faced with the challenge of entertaining our children with a constantly rotating sample of indoor activities - until we build up the courage to venture outside.

Once you’ve bundled up - tied that scarf, secured the hat, and buttoned up that coat - it can be a challenge to find activities that are fun enough to outweigh the cold - but this is where Strider can help.

With Winter in mind, Strider has developed an attachment that turns their balance bike into a true purveyor of four-season fun (check out this great video here)! Now, your child can go snow biking, ride down hills, get dad to pull them, attach the family dog in an Alaskan-sled type of move (just kidding). 

This thing is all set to make those winter bike-riding blues melt away - and Strider is going to bring the fun to one lucky bluum family this month!

Enter below for a chance to win an awesome Strider bike for your little one, PLUS a ski attachment kit so you and your little one don’t have to postpone the fun until the thaw of Spring!

Click here to enter - Happy Snow Biking!

A New Beginning: Elastin3


Sometimes I think back to the few days before Lucy was born - the anticipation, the excitement, the preparations - and I wonder how I made it through it all! We were so anxious to meet our little girl, that the only thing I could do to keep my mind off of it was organize her room, do laundry, pack and re-pack my hospital bag. Those days I thought a lot about what I would need to take care of her, and less about what I would need to take care of me.

In the nearly two years since she was born, every day is still consumed with how to make sure that I am providing her with what she needs, though lately, particularly with the onset of the New Year, I am considering how I can also tend to my own needs more thoughtfully. With the beginning of 2014 I can see that it is important for me to take a few extra minutes making myself feel loved, and cared for, and in order to do that I am going to start with the very basics.

When you have a child, your body changes. That is a simple fact. There are some things you have to accept, and some things that you can change - and that’s where Elastin3 comes in. The family-run Robelyn Labs was inspired by pregnancy to find the most effective, nourishing treatment for the prevention and diminishment of stretch-marks (of of those “simple facts” that go hand in hand with having a child).

Sourcing the most potent ingredients, and made without dangerous additives and parabens, Elastin3 combats the appearance of stretch marks by reinforcing your skin’s own elastic properties, by treating it with a mixture of soy proteins, collagen, and amino-acid complexes, each of which aid your skin in lighting and firming existing stretch marks, while working hard to prevent new ones.

This year, I am going to focus a little more on me, and a good place to start is my skin. Elastin3 will make it easy to keep my New Year’s resolution.

Spuni: next generation flatware.

There came a time that I had to admit to myself that I had bought too many of several child-related things: strollers, sippy cups, and spoons. I was so excited about Lucy starting to eat solids, and feed herself, that I got overzealous about child-friendly flatware, and just kept purchasing more and more. There were different colors, shapes, and contours. Different materials, handles, and sizes. All of them managed the basics of their job, but none of them were great - and thinking back on it really makes me wish we had a Spuni.

Spuni was developed by two MIT engineers who were on a quest to solve the age old problem of how to get through mealtime without all of the mess. They developed a design that incorporated a small ridge where the bowl of the spoon met the handle, thus preventing tiny mouths from pushing food up and over the spoon (and onto the tray, bib, floor, or parent), and rather kept it contained and directed more precisely into the child’s mouth (a somewhat difficult task with traditionally shaped spoons, as their design - wide and deep - don’t quite jive with small mouths). This advancement achieved two things: a more content child (fuller faster), and a more content parent (cleaner longer).

Even though Lucy is beyond the super-messy mealtime routine, the easy to grip handle is perfect for her still-developing grasp, and the soft materials, which are perfect for early feeders, are still great for too as she learns to maneuver the spoon more accurately and diligently.

But don’t just take our word for it! Spuni is pairing up with bluum to give away THREE sets of their revolutionary spoons - the perfect thing that parents need to get their mealtime messes under control.

Simply click here to enter, and take a chance to get those mealtime messes under control!